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National Gallery of Art:
sculpture garden

Sol LeWitt--Four Sided PyramidWashington DC - It's going to be a long hot summer, real long and real hot.  I can't blame you for not going to the new National Gallery of Art Scuplture Garden.  So artbabyart.com will go for you until it cools down.  The Garden is not as impressive as it's been made out to be.  The sculptures are nice and the general area of the Garden is relaxing.

It's located across from the National Archives building and roughly 2 acres large.  The problem I suppose is the newness of the the actual garden.  There aren't that many sculptures to see and there seems to be no sense of organization.  The Garden was hot and more hot. The grass and foliage are getting that "mid summer" look already.  Shade is scarce and there isn't a drinking fountain in site. There was however the usual array of vendors offering things from T-shirts to drinks and everything in between.  Below are some thumbnail pictures, just click on them to see the larger picture and close window to return.  Please enjoy and thanks for visiting artbabyart.com...we hope to update this article throughout the summer.

From: Jonathan Mills (September 2000)
re: National Gallery of Art
(an excerpt)"...By the way, I agree with you about the Sculpture Garden being less impressive than claimed. They stuck a bunch of large works by famous sculptors in a square, flat plot at regular intervals with little or no landscaping providing a screen between each piece. You can stand in one spot and see virtually every sculpture in the place; there are no curving paths, no peaks or valleys, no surprises. The overall effect is almost sterile. What a disappointment.
Good luck with your site. --J."
Claes OldenBurg & Coosje van Bruggen--Typewriter Eraser
Barry Flanagan - Thinker On a Rock 1997
Mark de Suvero - Aurora
Joel Shapiro - Untitled 1989
Isamu Noguchi - Great Rock of Inner Seeking 1974
David Smith - Cubi XXVI 1965

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