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National Gallery of Art:
sculpture garden

Fall 1999 - Welcome to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  Above is the fountain room on the west side of the main gallery floor.  You can frequently find people just relaxing around the fountain lost in their thoughts, away from the hustle and bustle of living and working in the capitol of the nation.  Please enjoy some of our photos of the main gallery as well as the West Building of the National Gallery, which currently has a showing of Mary Cassatt's work. To see the larger and complete image click on thumbnails...

From Jonathan Mills:
"I enjoyed your pictures of the National Gallery... especially the excellent photo of the fountain with the cherubs holding the lyre. As a longtime Washington resident, I would like to pass along a correction or two.

Most important, what you repeatedly call the West Building is in fact the *East* Building. Just because we're on a round planet doesn't mean there's no difference ;-) The West Building is the original building with the dome on top.

As long as we're talking about points of the compass, what you call the "fountain room on the west side" is actually on the east side, and it's called the East Garden Court. There is a very similar West Garden Court at the other end of the building, with a nearly identical fountain (the cherubs are holding a goose instead of a lyre)." -J

Outside West Building Mary Cassatt

Entrance to National Gallery

Close up of Fountain

Sculpture - Outside West Building

Sculpture - West Building

Sculpture - West Building

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden

Fountain at the Sculpture Garden with National Archives in background

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