Dave Rothwell:
making fine art affordable

"The aim is to make Fine Art Affordable for every person on the planet". There is so much art in the world yet only a few can afford it. This is where the new revolution begins. No more untouchable or out of reach art.

The company has a wide variety of core products, there will be a piece to suit everyone's budget.

Have you ever been around an art gallery and seen some of the pieces on display, you think to yourself well I'd love to own one, but two things stop you doing this: One - the price is out of reach except for the lucky few; and two - the size of the piece will not fit in the average living room.

Well now you have a chance to own an original, a post-modernist piece at anaffordable price and at a size that will suit any environment. Each collection lasts for three months and is then changed, but prints from earlier collections will always be available until the following year. I produce 4 collections a year. In each collection there are between 20 and 25 pieces.

The desire of every artist that I know, is to let as many people as possible see and own a piece of their work.

I love to mix all the simple elements ie squares circles lines, and put them together with colours and textures, similar to a food blender.

As I start to produce the work, other elements come into the mix, the music in the background can alter the flow of the piece. A thought or flashback, to some experience from the past then the piece starts to gel. That's when the new family of work comes together.

Sometimes it can be an emotional rollercoaster with the work. Its a struggle to find the right balance between colours, textures and light. But the feeling a get when a piece comes together is great. "Is there an Angel out there" is a perfect example of this.

The minute I created that piece, the first thing I thought about was a girl who I fancied for years, but could never get close to too talk, she was always surrounded by all her friends. That's where the wall goes around the main body of piece. The whole in the wall represents the fact that, we are not perfect, thank god for that. Thanks for this opportunity to try and explain myself .

by Dave Rothwell
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