Nick Shiflet:
shifters clocks

Nick Shilet, Shifters ClocksAt times my inspiration comes from within, others from without. Sometimes it comes from an effort to create something that does what some art does to me. It's also a direct form of therapy. I also create art for the simple fact I'm bored and need to occupy myself. The act of making art creates existence that cannot be found any other place.

These clocks were made in the past two years. They originated 5-6 years ago when I started making clocks from found objects. The first clock I made was a clock motor my dad gave me, (and) put thru a cirular saw blade. After that came some from VW engine parts. From there I went to sharp dangerous looking chunks of steel. The challenge came to finding good looking pieces of steel. That wore off. I came to cutting shapes out of aluminum sheets by hand. Later, computer aided cutting technology came to me. Now designing the clocks is the greatest part, to disappear into some supposedly nonexistent space to wander in. The other fascination is to see the finished physical product of metal that was conceived inside me.

Nick Shiflet, Shiters Clocks

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