S h e r i'   M o r a:
there is no place like home

the Art of New Orleans' Artist Sheri MoraNew Orleans - Artist, Sheri' Mora. Born in Chicago in 1965, but quickly uprooted during Mardi Gras by the age of 2 to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Self-taught and continuously evolving, my passion and inspiration comes from all forms of life, emotions and spirituality. Striving for eternal bliss, I enjoy painting, making jewelry, designing web sites and learning about the true value of my existence from the best teachers in the world...my children.

I was raised in the beautiful and mystical French Quarter in New Orleans and have traveled around the country...twice...but my constant mantra is "There's no place like home".

I'm currently getting ready for a July 2002 opening at a Gallery in New Orleans (Gallery Inferno...I'm doing their website also) that will feature both my art and jewelry and have just signed a deal (while on holiday) with an upscale boutique in South Beach, Miami that will feature my jewelry creations.

I admit, my creativity lies dormant during certain periods of my life, only to take the driver's seat when it awakes.

  1. Sheri' Imbornone-Mora, "Custom design and old furniture "revival" requests welcome. Namaste!"
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