a press release and invitation

A MckenzieSubject: NYFEW presents Annelie McKenzie, figurative artist
Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 5:54 AM

It is my pleasure to introduce Annelie McKenzie, our newest guest artist. Her technique is one of true collaboration with her models. http://www.nyfew.com/guests/amckenzie/biography.php

The New York FEW (Figurative Expressive Works) artists provide a fresh new look at the nude and contemporary figurative art. It's a loosely knit group of artists coming out of the drawing ateliers throughout New York city. http://www.nyfew.com

All of the artwork on the website is for sale, as indicated, and can be purchased. Just visit the different artists, and see what you like. Most items have prices so you can get a good idea.

Our workshop and ateliers section is an attempt to get a comprehensive listing of all the places where you can go to draw in and around New York city. We get alot of emails and requests for this section and because of that we try to get the most up to date information. You can even leave your opinion on a class in the forum section. (no registration necessary)

If you want to get your school or workshop listed, please make sure that you email the following info to atelier@nyfew.com :

1. workshop name
2. dates, days and times of operation
3. address, nearest subway stop
4. telephone, URL, or any other way of contacting the workshop
5. prices and fees
6. any other info that is important like materials needed, etc.
Go to: http://www.nyfew.com/information/ateliers-figure-drawing/workshop.html

We also scout for seasonal "Guest Artists" to show in our on-line gallery. If you are interested, please click for more information about the Guest Artist program or send an email to guests@nyfew.com. Go to: http://www.nyfew.com/information/guests.html

A fun section is the "what famous artist was born on my birthday" section. Go to: http://www.nyfew.com/birthday-greetings/index.php

We have a large links section of art links throughout the world, and you can leave your link too. Go to for links: http://www.nyfew.com/information/art-links-resources-services/nyfew-guestbook.html

There is also an events / call to artist section which is good for the working artist as it lists some calls for upcoming exhibits throughout the world. If you have an event or an exhibit, you can also leave your information here. Go to events links: http://www.nyfew.com/information/art-links-resources-services/art-event.html

See the art show and voice your opinion !

We have a list of selected art shows and exhibits in New York and vicinity taken from sources like the New York Times and the New Yorker.

Once you see the show, tell us what you think. And if you dont know where to go, just look at our extensive listing of art museums in and around NYC.

Go to NY museum listing: http://www.nyfew.com/information/art-links-resources-services/new-york-city- museums.html

Go to selected shows: http://newyorkfew.blogspot.com/

Voice your opinion here: http://www.nyfew.com/information/art-exhibit-reviews-news/opinions.html

The site is a work in progress, so feel free to visit us anytime by visiting : http://www.newyorkfew.com



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