Olavi Ahokas:
the superman of the www

Art by Olavi Ahokas Introducing you to the "James Brown" of the internet, the hardest working webmaster/artist on the WWW, Olavi Ahokas, known to his friends as Ollie.  Born in Finland now living in Mora, Sweden.

If you go visit Ollie's website, you'll know what I mean by hardest working, his site is VAST.  It contains all of his work, from the beginning of his artistic endeavors to his most recent art and shows.  Ollie not only shows you his art from its infancy, but on selected works, describes what he did not like about it, how he corrected it the next time and the final piece.  He also describes some the the techniques he learned along the way.  His site is almost like a diary or journal of his life as an artist.

His art is very very diverse.  From sketches, to paintings, to digital.  Though never having traveled to america, Ollie seems to like to draw scenes from the early western days of America, all from his imagination.  But his real love are mountain scapes.  He says,"... I find mountainscapes not just a magnificent testimony of the might and power of the nature itself, for me it's also a place where the time do esn'tmatter, your troubles doesn't matter. A quiet place where only thing you hear is the wind echoeing from the big mountainwalls.  The way I see is that my paintings offers a window to the world outside, a place to relax and look forward to visit in person or in your imagination."

His art is not all mountains and landscapes, Ollie adds, "...once in a while it's nice to paint something that breaks from all that, to keep yourself on the edge and hopefully improving.  Finally what about art is the most fulfilling?  He answers, "while painting, the most rewarding thing is to give that sheet of paper some life of its own."

Olavi Ahokas
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