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the cradle of civilization

So, back to the Egypt...

...A day after our arrival to Egypt my brother and i went on safari.  We were taken to a bedouins village through the Sahara desert (egypt01.jpg).  During the travel over sun dunes the jeeps shaked us very much to give the maximum of pleasure.  In the bedouins village we were welcomed (egypt02.jpg), regaled with tea, allowed to ride a camel (egypt03.jpg).  There was an under-stars disco at night, including the bedouin national dances.

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Next day we went shopping to Hurgada (our hotel was near this town).  People in Egypt are very good, so we made friends with one of the merchants in some time (egypt04.jpg).  When we were back to Moscow, we sent him this photo and a letter, and he answered us in 2 months.  During the time we were in Egypt, we were to his shop often, chatting to our friend and buying some goods for small price.

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The most ancient area in Egypt is Luxor.  It is an Egypt ex-capitol.One of the most interesting temples there is Karnak Temple(egypt05.jpg).  Its first hall was built over 4000 years ago!  Most rooms there were destroyed by time and different conquerors.  Luxor is devided by Neil into two parts.  The first one is called "The city of dead" and the last one - "The city of living".  Egypt06.jpg figures me, my brother and our guide standing on the bridge over the Neil.  The city of the dead is to the left, and the city of the living is to the right. While the Karnak Temple is in the city of the living, an enourmous amount of tombs are located in the city of the dead. We visited some of them (egypt07.jpg - pharaoh Meri Ishbitah's tomb).

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Cairo (egypt08.jpg) is one of the biggest cities in the world (over 20 millions citizens).  The mosque of Mohammed Ali (egypt09.jpg) is the part of the Citadel of Salah al-Din, which is located in Cairo.  It is the main mosque of all moslems in the world.  When they are praying,they must face this mosque, wherever they are.  The most famous Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx are located in Geeza (just near the Cairo).  You can see me on a Heopsis piramid (egypt10.jpg) and near two piramids (egypt11.jpg).
The rest of time i spent bathing and having fun with my russian and new egyptian friends.  I highly recommend everyone to visit this ancient country - the crib of the civilization !!!

Sincerely yours, Arthur

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