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Moscow and beyond:
Arthur A.

You want to know what life in Moscow looks like?

OK, some words about it:  When the political situation in this country is stable, then the life is normal.  But when Eltzin makes another crazy political move, our economy situation becomes bizzare.  Last summer i could buy 1 dollar for 6 roubles.  Today it costs 25 roubles.  :(  Taking into consideration that my rouble income has grown only twice, you can see that my financial conditions are not very good now...

Last monday Eltzin has dismissed our government (what for???) and now roubles become cheaper and cheaper with every day.  No one in this country knows what will tomorrow bring to us.

This is the Borodinsky museum.  It is near the place, where russian marshal Kootoozov (???) has defeated Napoleon.  I have very few photos from this place. :o(
This winter i was to Egypt.  I have about 96 photos from there.  It was a great time in my life!
3 weeks ago i decided to make a jump with parachute.
one of my friends
My brother, mom and me
me and my brother (I am on left)
Now I am 23, a year ago I've graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute
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more to come from Arthur...

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