Miss Dabree:
an artist named Debbie Manville

miss dabreeRick - Yer a funny guy. I don't pay attention to politics at all so each governor sux balls in their own way. I'm 24 and not even registered - prefer to live in my own world if ya know what I mean. Yea you do.

Umm - The subjects of most of my paintings are kind of things that don't fully exist in the modern world. Like songs that rhyme with bubble - the original title was "Fat holding it's thin" but my old friend said the original title to me when we were listening to this song that had everything - duh - rhyme with bubble.

Anyway - I'm a spacy chic. I wasn't allowed to go to school for art so I did it at night for fun. I like to paint a moment, and being each of their own essence - that's hard to describe. I usually don't exhibit anything that has Art by Debbie Manvillecome from somewhere else - I hate the whole continent of artists that pretend to make their own work and then you say to them,"Well geez, I've seen that thing in the Whitney for Christ sakes" and they then try to rattle on about how it's different or how the meaning juxtaposes reasoning cliche, blah, poop,etc. I don't like meaning. I like the way things look. And seriously- an eye for art takes years to develop and I've seen so much crap it makes me wanna die. So many followers.

Do you think my art resembles something because if so - please tell me whom. I'm trying to get these feelings into paintings and it's getting harder considering I've done one for like everyone in a 50 mile radius of my house. I do like Kenny Scharf, James Rosenquist, Eric White, SHAG, Mark Ryden, a bit of Basquiat and this new guy Tom Friedman - funny shit he does. I like Francis Bacon and Hans something or other - Barnett Neuman's sidekick. anything that looks new and I haven't seen it before. Perhaps I'm being too foward.

The Art of Debbie ManvilleYou can use this for a feature if it suits you. You can also copy anything off the website - i'm going to redo it once I learn Flash better.I'm always interested in which paintings people pick because it always changes- which is weird. Please send me a url to what you've put together or if you need more input from me, email me. Thanks for writing back Dabree

Photo of Miss Dabree by Debbie Manville

Miss Dabree, an artist named Debbie Manville
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