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A fellow Harvard sophomore and I have created a web-based journal
titled ArtNotGuns, which can be found at The journal
is devoted to publishing stories from survivors of gun violence as well as
stories from people who have not directly experienced gun violence but want
to speak out against it.   Our goal is to end indifference by uniting voices
from across the nation into an informative, moving literary/art journal.
Your stories can assume any art form including poetry, sculptures, essays,
paintings, letters, collage, or photographs.
"art strange enough to entertain"
Andrea Shweky
Contemporary artwork, ranging from surrealistic 
and 1960's interiors to multi media landscapes.
Aazrane Elf Gallery
Digital arts by Filip Macius, someone who truly believes he is an elf... Also his poetry, and philosophy, answering the Greatest Questions of mankind.
Alternative Process Fine Art Photographs
Online gallery of work available directly from the artist. 
Palladium/Gold prints coated by hand, Polaroid Image Transfers
produced using vintage lenses on large format cameras.
The Fine Art of Lawrence G. Hall
Fine art in acrylics, still life realism and more.
Arendt art, graphic, sculpture,
painting, design
Arendt Art, graphics, paintings, sculpture. About 150 images show
a cross-selection of 30 years artistic activity.
Caricature Zone
Take a look at 700 caricatures of international stars and explore
an easy-to-use method of sketching faces with a few clicks, original games,
quizz, cards and much more.
The Fine Art of Christopher Steininger
A.J.Isbister - Visions
Cultural 'visions'(and nightmares) in traditional to 
contempoary forms from Canadian artist, AJ Isbister.
Mosaic of miniature lighted fans. Kinetic art by Millevolte.
Subjective Realism
Formation and performance of an own sight on the environmental
world. Search of the lost harmony and eternal beauty. Aspiration to creation
of a work of art, when its contents and energy are free from a place and
time. Attempt of a combination of aesthetic beauty and commercial
requirements of the art market.Each month is possible to see new pictures.
Exhibition of Paintings from Russia
George Alphonso Walker
Creativenue: A Venue for the Creative in You 
Creativenue is a new and quickly-growing online gallery and contest site for all types of writing, art, and photography. We provide free online publication as space allows, or you may pay an entry fee for guaranteed publication and the chance to win monthly cash prizes. Winners in each category are determined by visitor voting and will be posted with bio’s and accolades for the following month. All ages and levels of experience are welcome, and there are no obligations or gimmicks. Creativenue is simply an outlet for publicizing your talents... a venue for the creative in you! 
Alternative Art
Blue Sky Studios
Julie Francella-Gregson
OverArt Online Gallery
brings you visual and decorative art from Eastern Europe presenting more than 50 contemporary Estonian artists
art for the soul at home for lingams,advaitas,yatras,yantras,sumie doors,mahasamadhis,mandalas,kalas,nadas,&"yog mointain"
Digital Salon
Digital Salon is a virtual art gallery featuring the work of 30 artists from around the world. All art on the site has been produced using digital media and tools somewhere in the production process.
A digital, primary online exhibition by major new british artist Richard Chaffer: ALSO INCLUDES ORIGINAL WORK FOR SALE
Art in the 20th Century
Painting, Photography and Holography:
Modern and experimental work in art,science and technology: from traditional oil paint on canvas to chemical paintings on glass and paintings capable of change and transformation.
Acrylics Paintings by Jose Cabello
Acrylics Paintings by JJCabello
José Javier Cabello / Virtual Gallery of Painting / Acrylics / Landscape / Still Life / Portraits...
Andrew Barton
Figurative mixed media sculpture and bodily fluids.
Manuel Jódar
Dibujos - Drawings
Remaut - A gallery of the work of Belgian artist REMAUT. showing his unique style of informal art.
Whiteoyster Art...
The Painting Studio and Gallery

Everyday Fantasies
Beauty in everyday situations, the attraction to the plain and pure, charm within reach; in a glimpse, in any corner of the city and in the women around...
Those are the core of my paintings.
Reminiscence and gut feeling, a dejŕ vu...I might have been here before and what I paint might as well be the portrait of a memory...I think I will never know it and I would rather not, definitely.
This is a collection of snappy images of moments in time and space, frecuent, simple everyday situations we could certainly tumble into, even without notice. Nevertheless, there is always a detail that turns them into impossible, imaginary, almost dreamlike pictures.
Infinitee Designs by Ralph Manis 3D Graphics Web Design Pros
3D graphics, 2D illustrations, Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy, rock, T-shirts, futuristic, and psychedelic art, Bryce4, Photoshop 5.5 by Ralph Hawke Manis
Andy Gamache
Artist - Photographer
Carole Clark Artist
Experienced artist will paint your portrait from your photo. Family portraits, children or pets. Surprise a friend or loved one with a unique gift..
PABLO reese von
Fine Art: mixed media collage & assemblage, juxaposing found objects, RASA and more. . .
Table of Dogs
Table of Dogs - Arts collective, International Urban Cheese on Fire........
jettie joosten paintings
Paintings and more from the dutch artist Jettie Joosten (1958) living in the Netherlands. Landscapes, portraits, abstract paintings and more info on her.
Oil panels from the Metamorphosis Collection of Jacqueline Howett,and prints, collage, new art 2000 and art card prints that evolved from them. Includes Studio3, art for sale, links to resources, ATLinkswith, artist spotlight and JACQS world.
Leslie Lewis Online Gallery
Geometric abstraction in acrylic and gouache, with an emphasis on color, shape and space interactions.
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