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To Say this is different, is an understatement!!!
Collection of works by M. Hoskins.  Includes digital, acrylic on canvas, and wire & stone.
Digital Artist Stuart Marshall
:Digital artistry heavily influenced by fantasy imagery 
and stories (I am a great Tolkien fan) making great use of light, 
water and the notion of escapism.
Abstraction and more abstraction
Cool Fine Arts and Photography
                         nu-skool painter...
to pigeon hole me i have been described as:
 "urban"    "black picasso"    "hieroglyphic"...
0nline dutch artist Jan Schreurs
look at giant abstract woodblockprints of the dutch artist Jan
Schreurs, see him at work in his studio and find more artlinks here!
Each painting I paint is unique and I hope you enjoy them as much
as I enjoy creating them for you...
I'm a 56 year old Graphic Artist and Certified Bill Alexander Instructor
.I've taught and painted in oils since 1988 in the Philadelphia area and
enjoy fishing and bird watching, but most of all
I enjoy just hanging out with my wife Kathy and our cat Midnight ....
The Art of Juno Duran
Current art projects using Photo Realism and Photography, 
focusing on the portrayal of subcultures and the alternative.
Arlette Steenmans exhibition
Presentation of over 100 paintings by Arlette Steenmans 
(Puimichel, France) with biography of the artist and introduction 
of her watercolor painting courses at her art centre.
Olavi Ahokas--the art and his interests on this homepage!
Metrov - Artist - M2000
Cutting Edge Fine Art Paintings and Giclee Prints
Unique digital fine art, limited edition prints, Web-art exhibits, and much more.
Art Galleries Online
This page is the hub of many artists' drawings. On this site you 
will find many different styles of drawing, from cartooning to realism.
M. Hammond Portfolio
The online portfolio of Oklahoma artist, Michelle Hammond. 
Ethereal landscapes inspired by the artists dreams and visions.
Figurative Wood Sculpture
Stefanie Rocknak--Detailed figurative wood sculpture, 
influenced by the Medieval tradition. 
Some religious pieces, commissions on request.
A Very Nice New Online Gallery
Digital Paint
New Media - Traditional Art
Great Works, Thoughts and Ideas...
Hobart Galleries in the Sky
James Langston
Artists' Perspective
Very Nice Collection of Works from my good Friend
the Cloud Chamber
Christopher Wood
Comprehensive gallery-site dedicated to the work of one of Scotland's
leading contemporary artists. 'He can paint the wind and the smell of flowers in a meadow' (Scotland on Sunday review)
Jeffery Jones--Incredible Images and Works
Painted Rock Formations
Mother Nature and I have worked together to create a synchronized work of art...a three dimensional sculptural painting.  The natural formation of the stone inspired the painting you see.  No files, chisels, or putty!  Each piece is titled and a one of a kind.  Ginia A.D.
Paula Reinhard Visual Arts
Paula Reinhard Visual Arts
'Movement II  1992 Arylic on Canvas'
Roslin Art Gallery--Art exhibits from a variety of Amenian Artists
Purple Aardvark--Super Neat Website and Art
Mike Poetter
Main emphases: sculptures, erotic bodytables, art piece of furniture, erotic
wallreliefs in stucco, oil paintings,  etc.
 "Wakuum" is also the label for the exclusive art pieces of furniture
(metamorphoses), the table installations, and the design objects from
sandstone and glass (see home page).
The artist R.W.K create 2 - 3 furnituremetamorphoses every year. Every work
is worldwide unique.
The first pieces (from 1998 and 1999) found lovers in Germany, Spain and
Five metamorphoses arise in the year 2000/2001:
 "Archetype" ,  "Quantentheoretical Experience" ,  "Bondage",  "Objects of
desire" ,  "Lost Souls".
Christian Fedoseyev 
exhibition @ the Cloud Chamber
Terri Kennedy--Functional & Dys-functional Art! Wheel thrown & slab 
built pottery that ranges from, earthenware to stoneware,
majolica styled to salt glazed, functional to decorative.
Stephen Washington
Paintings & Photographs
My work has been described as existing in the space between Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, employing the gestural mark-making of the former whilst exploring the cultural themes of the latter. Large paintings and photographs, plus works in progress on this site, from British born, internationally exhibited artist now based in P.A.
unique artwork from around the world
Virginia Tupper - Artist
Gallery of portraiture plus mixed media paintings.
2ten ~ Art by Susan Reynolds
Daniel Martin Diaz
Daniel Martin Diaz captures the spirit and mysticism 
of the ancient world with his timeworn oil paintings.
Art Direct
Daniels Office
Public Committee Meeting
 Alex Levin. Selected works. Virtual Exhibit.
Alex Levin. Selected works. Virtual Exhibit. The majority of the paintings 
are displayed in private exhibits of Israel, Belgium, USA, Australia and Russia. 
The main painting styles are Surrealism and Realism.
I am a fine artist/poet/musician/web designer, etc. 
building an online gallery featuring artists, writers, 
models, dancers, musicians, and...? from all parts of 
the world and all walks of life. I am seeking 
submissions from any and all of the above to put in 
this online gallery. This is free, but I do ask that 
we exchange links so we all benefit from the exposure.
E Gallery
DAVIDSART-My World of Art
Digital Photo Collage
guy denning
contemporary british artist
mark beam portfolio
Raw Art spewed from the fractured psyche of an affected artist!
Art & Songs
Finnish Laplander
Myth of the Everyday
New Digital Photographs and Dynamic Web Slide Show
Dynamic web slide show of psychologically intense digital photographs of couples and self portraits.  There is also an interactive art site and a 360 degree viewable self portrait.
original male nude erotica that is digitally created
Wonder Wyndworks--Super Creative Ideas Here
HollysWebArt...Artists and their art
HollysWebArt...Artists and their art
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