Kat Flood:

The Art of Kat Flood Kat Flood is a magazine writer and editor who developed a devastating tree disease in the early 1990s. After work on a Friday evening, she headed to a salon for a shampoo and cut and, vulnerable while drinking a glass of wine, opened a two-ton Vogue magazine to the back where ... the trees seized her.

They were jeweled and beaded Christmas tree brooches, a dozen of them, beautiful, bizarre, funky, elegant ... She wondered if such a tree might be in a store at that moment. It was.

Seven-hundred and fifty tree pins later, Flood figures there might be as many as 5,000 different ways to design a Christmas tree.The Art of Kat Flood "If you'd have asked me how many there possibly could be that night in the salon, I might have said 50," she guesses.

Her collection is one of the best in the country, which led her to write a book on the world of holiday jewelry arbors, entitled The Jeweled Forest. She asked some of the top costume jewelry artists to create Christmas tree brooches especially for the book, and that gave Flood the opportunity to design a piece too. "With the Millennium prompting everyone to consider the people they consider the best in various categories during the past 100 years,The Art of Kat Flood I knew I thought Picasso was the greatest creator of art. I have more books on his work than on any other artist, and when my husband and I hoofed it to Italy and France on our honeymoon, we took a side trip to Vallauris to visit the Galerie Madouras, where for many years Picasso created dramatic yet simple ceramic works. When I set out to design a Christmas tree pin, I decided to make one as a sort of homage to Picasso. I call it The Pinecasso!"

The Art of Kat Flood Other jewelry artists and designers who created trees exclusively for the book included Larry Vrba, Paul Verrecchia, Mary Beth Burchardt-Bruder, John Catalano, Steven Miners and Yai.

Flood is webmistress of the only all-Christmas jewelry website on the Internet: the Jeweled Forest at http://www.christmastreepins.com

"The Internet has changed the whole face of collecting these minor works of art," Flood says. "It used to be a seasonal pursuit, but collectors are on the hunt every day of the year now. Still, things do heat up a bit from September to December."

Kat Flood
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