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Art by Kara Nina Maehler Yes, they are 3D ... then again all paintings are to me. I grew up in Cologne (Germany) where my parents enrolled me in painting classes at the "Walraf-Richards" museum (... I think I started when I was 8). The class would begin every week with the students walking around the museum discussing art - and most importantly getting a chance to view art close up.

Art by Kara Nina MaehlerI found the *material* that these illusions where constructed out of most fascinating (- still do). Dutch Masters paintings with highly illusionistic glass, gold, and lace ... and the whole thing broke down into an abstract network of thick brushstrokes of paint when viewed close up. That's why one of the things that I'm exploring in my art now is material reality vs. optical illusion. (... what you're seeing vs. what is actually there). That early exposure to art also instilled the love for art in me. I went on to get my BFA and MFA in painting at the University of Alberta (Canada) where I now teach.

Art by Kara Nina Maehler Art by Kara Nina Maehler

Kara Nina Maehler
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