Wes Neville:
Forensic Artist, Florence County Sheriff's Office

I have been in law enforcement since 1987.

I've always been interested in Art, which was my major in college -- well, at least my first college, but was unclear as to how I would eventually use my artistic abilities.

I went on to earn a degree in Criminal Justice. By combining my love for art and law enforcement experience, I feel I've come up with the perfect combination (for me anyway!).

Along with the work I do for the Florence County Sheriff's Office, I also do freelance work on a variety of cases...  The most common being composite sketches, and age-progression of missing persons, or wanted fugitives.  In addition, I am involved in what is known as the Historical Exhumation Project, where I reconstruct the faces from skulls of historical tomb occupants.  For more on this project go to the following URL: www.forensicartist.com/facesfrompast.html

I have attended the following Forensic Art Courses

  • Facial Reconstruction on the Skull for Identification
  • Comprehensive Composite Drawing
  • Advanced Two-dimensional Identification Techniques
  • FBI artist's Composite and Photographic Retouching Course
  • IAI's 82nd Annual Educational Seminar
  • Various College Art Courses
  • Advanced Facial Reconstruction Sculpture

Wesley Neville, Forensic Artist
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