Vanja Rancic:
neverending loneliness

Meet Vanja Rancic and her website "Neverending Loneliness".  That title itself is something to think about, Neverending Loneliness!  Don't mistake this site for one of those dark, dreary shock sites you sometimes run across.  It's not full of hate, nor blood, nor twisted photos or art, the work on her site is not intended to "jar the mind".  Instead, it attempts to make you feel a certain quietness, her art places you with that "faceless" figure reaching out to make contact with you.  Like very few writers can, Vanja has succeeded in telling a story, making the audience part of her play and to feel what the characters feel, all this accomplished by the silence of her haunting images.

At her site you will find more etchings as well as poems by Frans Van Mastrigt.  Beware her site must be viewed in 800 x 600 resolution for proper placement of poems and artwork.

NEVERending LONEliness - "Loneliness and human alienation are major themes in my work. I see loneliness and alienation more as physical than psychological appearances. The emptiness and the walls, which can been seen in my work, simply impose themselves on me and work themselves into my art.  They are the rules and borders between us, keeping us apart and in the midst there is man almost always faceless and with his back turned to us. Still this man is trying hard to make contact and trying to get out of this situation, to cross the empty spaces in order to find his identity.

My work is a result of personal experience of things around me. Each work is a reflection of my feelings in a certain situation and at a particular moment. These feelings are hard to describe. That's why I would say that loneliness and alienation have become important themes in all my work. However, not the only ones."

Vanja Rancic
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