Tracy Kimmons:

In shooting photography, all is in the eye of the beholder.  The choice is forever mine to be the silent witness as well as an active participant with all my subjects. I invite you to taste the journey that I experience as an artist. The following pieces are examples of what lies around us, in front of us and within us to observe and to cherish.  It is within our power of perception that makes each experience unique.

There is something infinitely powerful about the first house.  Our first measure of stability , of accomplishment of comfort,of protection.  There is something perfect about the four walls that surround us.  Four, the essence of perfect balance, the four directions, four grandparents, four phases of the moon, the women and man inside each man and inside each women. Four brings harmony. It brings completion.

As the world is a room in which we live, watching the four corners of our lives progress into some beautiful story about ourselves.  How we percieve our world is really no different from the way we percieve our home.  Each wall in every room tells distinctfully a story about something dear to us.  How we take care of it determines our place in this world.  Is the room full of furniture, art, objects of our desires or what is dear to us?  Does is reflect our egos or does it reflect our hearts ? Look around and then look within.

The language of structure can be so revealing. Is it a firm foundation ready to withstand all that awaits ahead? Do the curves and lines of the design tell a hidden story? How is that materials of concrete and brick, the very definition of firmness and strength have suddenly taken on the attributes of suppleness and softness.Just as the rules learned as children we once believed strict and inflexible, gave us freedom and comfort, so too do this lines and angles can give us the space and ease to do what we want everyday.
To Stay Or Go
There is that moment. That point in time that all of us reach in our lives.  And we have to ask ourselves, is this enough?  Is this where we want to be?  Is this honestly where we dreamed we would be?  Are we able to hear this voice inside sufacing again and again?  And are we willing to answer?  Has our lives become so busy that we are running on empty?  Or what appears to be empty lives,ones that are really full and rich?  We are all on this journey together.  We can help each other get to where we want to go.  It is our responsibility as uniquely creative individuals to found out where that is.

New Beginnings
The open door reflects what lays within our grasps everyday.  Opportunities, chances, blessings luck.  However it is defined, it is there for all of us, waiting.  Waiting for us to see it and reach for it.  The colors and styles will change reflecting our evolving growth, yet, if this door closes before we act, there will be another, just around the corner, just a little longer, and just a little ahead, waiting for us once again.

Tracy Kimmons
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