TOE Clarke:
london artist

Meet Timothy Oliver Erwyn Clarke the artist currently known as TOE.  A cool artist with a really cool website.  His webpages like his art, is direct and to the point. That's not to say they are just simple and monotonous, because like his artwork it's the underlying structure and complexity that we do not see that makes it so simple, and enjoyable to visit and view.  Here are 3 of Toe's latest works, "the black/white phone is called 'mobile' 30cm by 40cm the one with the three figures is called 'nephews' 60cm by 80cm & the square one is called 'robin' 120cm by 120cm.  All three are acrylic, emulsion & oil bar on board."  You will find his art available as originals, prints and T's.  It's worth a visit!!!

"because i am self taught i dont know how to describe my work using long winded terms.  i find nowadays most artists talk a lot of sh*t because their work has trouble speaking for itself, they hype up 'art' as if it is some riddle that only the select chosen few can interpret.  the subjects for my paintings usually include the things in life that are special & important to me: friends, family, lovers & music..."

TOE Clarke
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"bringing IT to you the way THEY won't...It's art baby! art!"

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