Margaret Hoskins:
mother, artist, illustrator, editor, and webmaster

Meet Margaret Hoskins, digital and multimedia artist.  After you read this short article on Margaret please take time to visit her extremely cool website (Triad 3)to learn more about her and her work.  My favorite part is her use of a "briefcase" as an image's a must see.  I would also like to personally thank Margaret for her reciprocal link and taking part in Februarys' Valentine feature.

Margaret Hoskins is currently a mother, artist, illustrator, editor, and webmaster.   She is self-taught, and the media used include digital (2D and 3D), acrylic paint (on paper, canvas, board, and muslin), colored pencil, pen and ink, photography, jewelry, and wire sculpture.

The subject matter of her pieces mostly revolves around steady themes.  Female figures, flowers and other shapes from nature, and masks are seen frequently in her work, either by themselves or in combinations.  Her ultimate goal is to be as eclectic as possible.  On occasion, she has been known to half-jokingly refer to herself as a Millennial Woman, saying with a grin, "Those Renaissance Men didn't have anything on us.  They were single and supported by patrons.  Try finding time and energy to be creative with little ones and work."

"I enjoy being able to use what I've learned from different techniques and applying it to others. Although the final results are different depending on the medium, I feel that all of my pieces are related.  I've only recently been able to incorporate aspects of my 3D digital work into acrylic painting.  I'm looking forward to seeing what direction this path will take.  I would love to design CD or book covers.  The idea of art on everyday objects appeals to me."

Digital works are available for purchase in a variety of print sizes and qualities.  Limited edition pieces are also available.  Please e-mail for details.  Also, please inquire by e-mail for commissioned pieces, illustration, and web site design.

Margaret Hoskins
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Please Visit M. Hoskins' Site Triad 3

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