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The Art of Lino BudanoLino Budano, born in Forlì (ITALY) on 11.03.52.  A Medicine and Surgery Graduate.  I live and work in Piacenza, Via Lanfranco 28 - Italy.  During the course of my long activity (over 30 years) as a painter, a digital graphic and lastly I'm searching my path as a sculpture;  the enamels used in the 80's, the acrilics at the beginning of the 90's together with the digital experiments were no longer sufficient for me.  I was in need of another expressive form.  The passage to sculpture was inevitable, not the traditional one but composed of different assembled and camouflaged materials which themselves became protagonists and suggestive.  Superficially an abstract or quite simply an aesthetical subject seems to ensue, but a more attentive approach reveals a personal post organic recollection closer to my past experiences and present in life.

There is my love for the Italian Baroque, for F. Bacon, for the cinema of G. Greenaway, Cronemberg,  for the music of G.Crumb, G.Ligeti and K.Tippett, there's the surgeon who has seen "inside" the man, there's the powerful technology which progresses, which changes you ,it clones you; but all has sublimed and has becone "other".  I have given body to my obsessions, to the biological changes and to the man's psyche, to his decline and/or his true or apparent omnipotence in a vision which with its wounds, its satures open themselves to the next, future instant, of the unavoidable success. Although I've dedicated over 30 years to this activity, I've been doing it semi professionally for only 10 years as I prefer to be free for market ties or bonds;  I mainly produce wall sculptures and use any type of element (plastic, chalk, guazes, nails, various fabrics, wood etc..) which stimulate and enable me to create my projects.

Lino Budano
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