Kevin Chard:
a converstion

Where are you from, some background, etc?

Well I'm from Canada, and I have lived in the Brampton area all of my life it is just outside of Toronto which is just across Ontario Lake from Detroit. Although I have traveled extensively through Canada since I was young, driving from Brampton to British Columbia was an amazing experience.  As for my roots they are located in England and Ireland, I really do not have much family left abroad, most of the family is in Canada, now just a few distant relatives left in England.  Brampton is the place that I really only know as home. It is starting to get to be a really big I think it (pop.) is 200,000 now, it is more spread out so it still seems like the small town it use to be.

At what age did you realize your talent and passion for art?

I would have to say at a really young age, I remember doing my first oil painting when I was in P.E.I.  It was of the “Ann of Green Gables House” I must have been about five or six I think I still have the painting too, I have taken art all the way through school, since I was young.  I never really thought of not taking it or creating art. It was just something I had always done.  Friends and family art by Kevin Chard--Chairhad always said that I was talented in the arts, but I never really dwelled  on the talent end of it, I just thought I just loved to paint and draw! But I guess for me art and the Passion for art has been in me since I was born, something I live with and enjoy.

Did other people close to you recognize your talent, before you did?

I think so, my father's mother had gone to art school and she had given me drawing and perspective lessons at an early age, she had learned from one of the members of the Group of Seven when he worked as a teacher in Toronto.  At one point when she stopped painting, she had given the oil paints to my older Brother, and every time he left his room I would sneak up and take them and paint, some of my teachers in middle school had seen some work that I was doing, and gave me praise, but never really noticed the quality of the work or a future of art for me.

What's your favorite medium?

This is a hard one for me, I think I have used every medium known to man at some point in my life. For me I guess it depends on what the work is going to be about, or what technique I think would work best for the idea that I'm trying to present, but on themost part I use oil’s on canvas as my creative out put.

Who or what influenced you most as far as style and subject matter? artists, persons,events? and how would you describe your style?

Now that would be I think the most difficult, I think it would have to say Cezanne I have always loved his work since I was young, I think it was the way that he looked at the subject he was creating converting them into obvious geometrical shapes, there is influence from Cezanne (“father of Modern”) as well as some female artists, like Janet Fish and Mary Prat.

After seeing your site I now understand why you sign L. Essie, would you like to expand on that?

Well Len was my father's father, I was very close to him watching hockey games together when I was younger until I fell asleep, I guess I get the drive to work hard partly from him, he was a hard working farmer for most of his life, it was just the little things that made us get along so well.  His life was cut short at the age of sixty, it was very traumatic for me.  Essie, was my mother's mom , who passed away 1 year ago, bringing back all of the memories of her and my Grandfather. The work that I had created for several years had yet to be signed because for some reason I never really felt it would be right to sign the work with my own name K. Chard, and after Essie had passed, I felt as if I should pay some sort of homage to Len and Essie and that is how the name came to be. I think it brings some life to the paintings and through the year that Essie had passed away, it was the most difficult time in my life, and my most creative period.  I would have to say that it has made me a better person, as well as more in touch with my creativity.

When you work how does it progress i.e. from an idea, a scene, or thought...and does it ever change midstream?

From a thought and an idea. It never really changes as I work, I like to create by using the real object but on very few occasions I have used a photo because I'm not able to stay to paint there, and although the position of objects in a specific painting look random, they are placed in extremely specific places in the painting!

Are there messages in your works you try to convey to persons viewing it?

Of course! I think that it conveys something a “little” different to every person, there is a lot of hidden psychological meanings to my works that are very personal, I think people should view my work and the objects in the paintings as if they where real, there is a lot more to see if you do that, I try to create my work from the heart, and I hope that shows in my paintings.

I guess I will talk a little bit about the work from my new series, the painting called "Absent", it looks fine when you first look at it then you realize that there is not a (faucet) tap in the painting. Also, artists that I have seen (male) never really touch on a subject matter that is normally (sink and faucet) used by female artists, so I find that my work shows a new perspective on this subject, there is something calming about the work but at the same time it seems depressing, I guess because I painted it during a hard time in my life. I try to paint my paintings as if people where looking through the eyes, of a person whether it be a child, an adult, or teenager

Do you like parting with your works ie. selling them?

Sometimes I would like to part with specific paintings only because they get me very emotional and it is like I'm holding something in when I keep a painting, but I never really feel like I should sell a painting, because do I really know that person really understands the work or the idea, I would like people to really feel some personal meaning to my work before I am to sell it.

How about the future, your plans, exhibits, & other projects?

I do not have any shows scheduled at this time, I would welcome the opportunity for a group or one man show and would appreciate hearing from any gallery directors or curators at any time concerning my past works or the series I'm currently working on...

Kevin Chard
Your email welcome

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