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"Yogge-Sothe, the elder God...,) 1969 - Acrylic Paint on Masonite Board, (type:) the 4th or 1st after image system: more precisely a full scale non-contained after-image system which operates as a vast audio/ visual synergism. Visual setting - light blue walls
My name is Glen Etzkorn, I am a artist, painter, color theoretician, successful marijuana researcher and a ancient shaman ect. I am the apprentice of the father of colored OP art, the discoverer of the double or reverse after-image, whose other discoveries can be quickly summed up as the governing rules of optical knowledge of the scientific sort; generally dubbed as the modern color theory. My theorecticals are a mere expansion of the existing established theorem. Two other after-image systems preceded called the positive and negative after-image. Chronologically my after-image system though is a recurrent art form of the Americas most likely reaching back in time to 6000 years ago and definitely observable 4500 years ago in the Andean regions and can be spotted as functional close to 1000 years ago in the Meso American region. At the time of the loss of 90,000,000 lost souls some 500 years ago in the Americas, two major fledgling empires may or may not have held the optical knowledge in a functional manner. With the mayhem that occurred with the western civilizations confrontation on the newly discovered hemispheres not only a great loss of lives but that of optical knowledge became obscured or essentially loss.

As an artist I was fully aware that when the Modern Color Theory was being explored in
"Third Nuclear Event - More Vaporized Souls". 1982 - Acrylic Paint on Masonite Board, (type;) Expressionist viewpoint overlooking BSU Dorms and Lake Bemidji. Visual setting - can handle more brighter lighting, but best seen in blue environment
the mid fifties of the last century there was a huge failure at Yale to consider the nature of the color brown. As the apprentice of a master color theoretician during the summer of 1965 a task was tossed in my direction to work on an surface area pattern setup system attempting to deal with more than two gaudy colors at a time. In the process of working on that painting technique problem in 1969 I managed to come fairly close to the solution of the task, but at the same time I ran across the fourth or more accurately the first known after-image system which was not evident in either Eastern or Western Civilizations artistic ventures.

It took close to 2 years to establish over twelve levels of perception levels engaged my main work of art which I titled "Yogge-Sothe the elder god...," In contrast to accepted archeological understandings I discovered that instead of considering the ancient art form as relegated to usage of harsh hullucigeons over half a dozen of the levels, though in some ways very much similar in effect to the use of harsh drugs, were in fact attainable without the usage of any drugs. The next half of dozen levels of perception did require the usage of marijuana and or hashish and the visual events would be impossible of attainment per the use of harsher hullucigens. The visual events of the latter group were profoundly beyond the capability of described altered states of consciousness I had ever heard of and or experienced.

Close to thirty years later I have managed to come across a new design function which has taken my explorations of the nature of the color brown into a more minimal approach
"Galactic Snow Flakes" 1981 - Acrylic Paint on Masonite Board (type:) Exploratory effort regarding visual stop motions of Greek meander versus flowing motion of South American volutes with emphasis placed on providing a variety of surface area pattern set up system functions (Difficult to capture detail of the surface area pattern per use of camera at the time) This work somewhat similar to current work in progress is a take off of a series of paintings titled "Bright Firmament", one of which, I assisted in producing in 1965 when assistant to a Master Color Theoretician. Visual setting - light blue walls
that has allowed for increased accessibility of others to automatically detect some aspects of visible disturbances which I simply dubbed automatic soft 3d. The new rules seem again quite reflective of the ancient painting technique of the artists I call the painting gods who at the Tiwanuka muti-colored palace were noted using two layers of paint versus applications of paint levels up to 10 to 15 layers. This technique was also spotted back it seems 4500 years ago. My assumption of the relationship of these painting facts of life relates to a large degree to the ancient ones usage of low relief sculptures and facades on architecture  and I even go so far as question if there was relationship to the development of calendrics.

In an effort to keep this article short and engage in complaining:)

Over the years in the fine arts I have noted extensive censorship tactics utilized preventing others from being updated on activities in the fine arts. Art institutions, academic settings and even the great WWW have been noted to take on fascist tactics which could only make a Jesse Helm type proud of his fellow fascist Americans. At an art institute visiting artists program after a verbal verification of expanded theorem I will never forget hearing that master color theoreticians, '...,had to be dead before lecturing.' Twice now I have heard at state universities stances of '..,you can't do that'.
(unfinished) Titled: "Ronnie Goes to Grenada: Spreading Democracy Like in Vietnam" 1984 Acrylic Paint on Masonite Board - Expressionist effort depicting Republican association with Fundamentalists persecution complex ever willing to persecute others.and endanger the american political process with anti intellectualism as a fundamental fact of life. The South arises under a different banner. Visual setting light blue walls.
because this is a Baptist (or) Lutheran community'. Twice now I have had my art work removed off the WWW, once by a pathetic state university which has stolen the artwork and refuses to return the intellectual property to (self) or all the artists who were removed from the www after my removal, and now, a pathetic editor of a 100 top art site listing simple minded announcement of "removal". If asked why.I suppose it may curiously have something to do with an artist having a sense of ethics noting that the barbaric pot laws are without legal basis and exist in the United States as mere illegal enactment's. It may well have a basis in western culture of fascist efforts to distort information with a cultural tendency to wish a continuing practice of a nations too often habitual enjoyment of viewing human sacrifices of innocent children and elders who never so much as smoked marijuana, as the dregs of our societies burst into homes with bogus warrants served at the wrong addresses. Currently in America some vile citizens enjoy a world where disabled and dying citizens are incarcerated in our Gulags. Our pompous leaders will address human being the greatest human rights violators in the entire world.

Glen Etzkorn
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