Anchise Picchi:
since march 1911

ANCHISE PICCHI is a Tuscan artist. He was born in Crespina (Pisa) the first of March 1911 and lives and works, very near, in Collesalvetti (Livorno, Italy) as sculptor, painter, engraver.  He finished his course of studies at the Artistic High School and at the  Belle Arti Academy in Rome, thought painting in Sienna (Italy) and in Salonicco (Greece) during some years, but eventually decided to come back  in his native land to devote himself entirely to the art, his real vocation.

The paintings of the initial period are characterized by an impressionistic style in wide landscape scenes. These are painted with wide brush strokes of pure colors.  They represent mainly stormy skies, domesticated animals, scenes of work with backlighted figures, country roads, fires in the open, farmhouses, seastorms, rain effects with people under large colored umbrellas, snowfalls. All works, painted in studio or in the open air, show nature, love and lyric feelings.

Later the artist' works are carried out in a style completely new and called second  manner by himself. He represents now, beside the usual subjects, themes with strong symbolic contents in the numerous still lifes inserted in fantastic landscapes with high light contrast.  Lately, A. Picchi also exercised himself with the pyrographic and elected painting. Typical are some paintings carried out with a PC IBM/VP 6384 DX4 100 Mhertz with the simple "Paintbrush" of Windows 3.1.  With this technique,  fog scenes come out well enough as the gray is the color that less goes away from the intentions of the author, in the following printing process.

Now the artist works with more complex painting softwares like "Fractal Design Painter" that allow a larger variety of colors and tonalities.  Thus also in the dry technical virtual world the figures and the scenes carried out reflect the great love of the artist for the surroundings, the dreams, the life. In short, the love for poetry, wich doesn't know his beginning and purpose but wich is  able to  spring up even from  a computer if midwived by the mind and the imagination of  human beings.

Anchise Picchi, the author, has many and diverse techniques. Along his long life he studied different techniques of the great masters and some carried out by himself. The "composite" one is strictly personal and unique (see " The sixth symphony") as well as the other that uses, before painting , a rugged and dark  canvas support (see "Playing with dad ").

Anchise Picchi worked and works with any medium that he feels suitable to the moment and to the subject, as far as to arrive painting with sodden colors sea sponges (see "The fugitives"), and so on. Often the ideas come out from his fantasy, or from observed country scenes, or inspired by literature, music, or by the nature in its many different aspects and displays, or dreams. To sum up: from the life.

by Lido Pacciardi
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