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Cornwall, UK - It has to be said of Age Bunnetâtís work that it is truly original. Granted, it may not beto everyoneís taste, but love it or hate it, you have to admit that thereís something utterly compelling in the bizarre and humorous characters he brings to life from otherwise discarded agricultural implements, hand tools, metals and any number of other mixed media.  We visited the artist at his home and studio on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK, to find out what makes him tick: "I was one of those inquisitive children with a need to take things apart to find out how they worked. My early patients were largely the family clocks and youíd need to have a word with my mum to learn of my effects on household timekeeping! Were there no clocks available, I was quite happy with anything else I could get my hands on.  "My interest in all things metal and mechanical had dodgy beginnings in the East End of London with teenage experiences of stealing cars and setting light to taxis. Gladly, this period soon evolved into the art of real mechanics, problem solving and fixing things and I was inspired to recreate the worn parts, better than before.  The raw delights of metal, oil and grease evolved during an ongoing affair with a particular Celtic art student until, before I realised it, I was an "art fart" myself. For me, the mid 80ís were the time for perfectionism for translating bold, intricate, traditional or humorous designs into weathervanes for both corporate and individual commissions.  During this period, I began to work in a more sculptural, three-dimensional way, and since the early 90ís a lively association with both kinetic sculptors and automata makers has inspired me to more humorous heights. I breathe movement and new life, with a certain tongue-in-cheek sense of mischief, into recycled metal and mixed media, to create beautiful, durable sculptures and fountains to intrigue and delight. I love it! Enjoy it!"  We asked Age what he liked about the progression of his work into 2000 and beyond he said "I really like the new and exciting progression in possibilities for displaying and selling my work through the recent creation of my web site If you had told me ten years ago that I would be meeting and greeting artists and clients from all around the world in this way, I would not have believed it! Iím sure I speak for many other artists out there in saying: Many thanks to "Itís Art Baby! Art! and other art portal sites for helping to spread our work around the world."

Age Bunnetât
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