Carol Es:
pop art california style

Click Here to View More Art by Carol Es(an excerpt) Carol Es - b. 1968, Santa Monica, California, began life as an artist at age six, drawing cartoons underneath tables in bowling alleys. A shy recluse, Carol spent most of her time alone while her family relocated more than 15 times before age nine. As a result, she attended school very little and any formal education ended before the 5th grade.

By the age of 14, she left home to fend for herself, spending much of her adolescence in public libraries teaching herself to read. Now a dedicated and prolific self-taught painter, she lives/works in the Los Angeles Harbor area, creating distinctive paintings.

Carol has come to express herself wholly in her art after surviving a traumatic childhood, sexual and religious abuse, rape and physical disabilities. Despite past experiences, her art is still hopeful, carries humor and wit, and is positive in personality.  Click to View 4 Paintings by Carol

Statement? hmmm.  "I don't know what to say. I am a very sensitive person. I'm really emotional, but I can be a real smart-ass too. My humor only keeps me interesting to other people. I have no real talent, but I paint, truly, what I feel while I'm going thru it. I am passionate about it. I would die for it. It's all so much stronger than I could either write or than anyone would ever believe. So I hope my pictures move people in some way. I do it so that I can breathe. This all sounds so stupid, but it's true. That is all. Please deposit another 25 cents for an extra 15 minutes. Thank you."

Carol Es
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