Blue Heron Editions:
Victor O'Beirne

Blue Heron Editions offers 2 super things.  First, check out their superior quality printing and digital imaging.  Please do not go by these images we have here, I have 'crunched' them down from their awesome orginal state and lost a little in the translation.  Second, they have got a great WEB site!  Though still in the developmental stage, it's a must visit project, a superb example of a complex site that's presented to you in a simple, clean and ultra fast way.  You don't even notice it unless your looking for it, it's a pleasure to go from one page to another.  If you want to learn more about high quality imaging and visit a website constructed in a truly professional manner, than make sure you visit Victor's 'Blue Heron Editions'.

Blue Heron Editions offers the finest in Giclée technological expertise in Blue Heron Editons, the hands of skilled professionals. Your image will be taken to a >200 years archival finish; using Giclée printers, pigment inks, cotton, rag, fiber base and canvas, that are pH neutral media.

Blue Heron Editions presents the opportunity to work with digital imaging specialists sensitive to the needs of professional photographers. Their skill in color management generates the exact color match between the original image and the final print.

The tonal range of a Giclée Black & White print is made possible with PiezographyBW: Quad Black pigment inks. A print truly unlike any other. A unique combination of artistic awareness, research background, technical skill, and pride in craft guarantees that Blue Heron Editions will produce a final print of exhibition quality.

Blue Heron Editons, Blue Heron Editons,

Victor O'Beirne
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