Sara Pulver:
outsider art for your insides

Basement Art by Sara Pulver"I am an extremely frugal person. This has affected the things I make in that I am uncomfortable buying things to make things. Thus I use found objects, and friends and family know that more than anything, I want junk for my birthday. I thouroughly enjoy saving things from being discarded and giving them new life. It's a great way to recycle.

I am self-taught and the things I paint almost always come from my subconscious. Painting can be expensive, so I paint small. Then I decided to buy big cheap cans of latex paint, and my Drip series was born. That freed me up quite a bit, didnt have to be quite as frugal! I am a regualr at the thrift stores around here (Rochester, NY) and have many sweaters and whatnot that don't always quite work out as wearable pieces, so the Knitwits were born. The Knitwits are little stuffed animals that I make and assign names like Foofer and Dilly Ray, Art by Sara Pulvereach with their own little thing that they like, like: I like to yell Bingo on the bus. These are not currently on my website, and are only sold through me or through a little store in Greenville, SC called Kudzu.

One of the more interesting things I do is talk to beings not here. What's that mean. Well, I had a bunch of words cut out from magazines to make poetry with and one day discovered that if I randomly chose a string of words, it wasnt necessarily jibberish. I started asking questions and then picking words and getting some pretty bizarre answers back. A lot of times it seems that I am talking to an alien. I know that sounds quite farfetched, and it is, but check it out on my website, you'll see what I mean. My friends have all tried this and are (almost) all true believers, not necessarily about the alien part. If anything, it's a great tool for therapy, try it out and let me know what comes of it...

Art by Sara Pulver (part of the Artguy Collection)I don't like predictable creations, I don't like the word "art", and I don't like how people say something they don't like and then do the thing they said they didn't like. I do, however, believe that hypocrisy is built into human nature, so I try to accept that which I cannot change. For me, it's a struggle to forget about the past and stop worrying about the future, and I guess when I'm making things, I can most be in the now. That's where I should be. I don't believe in a separate god, I believe that we ARE god and that god is everything and everything is just ONE thing. THE one thing and that's why I have the infinity symbol tattooed on the back of my neck.

There. Now you know almost everything about me. Thanks Rick, for this opportunity to try to put myself into words..."

Artist Sara Pulver

Sara Pulver
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