Michelle Dugan:
out of the blue murals

Art by Michelle Dugan

What truly inspires me to paint such whimsical creations? I do not think there is only one answer to that.  I feel that I am a kid at heart who is just trying to express what I enjoy.

Always was a big fan of Hello Kitty, the Love Is boy and girl charachters from the 70's, Betsey Clark,  ...anything that was cute, charming and simple!  And, having my own children, I find myself falling in love with such adorable charachters as Hamtaro, Power Puff girls, Bratz, Hello Kitty (again), and so many more.

I am a self taught artist who started out about 7 years ago just painting Wall Murals locally in New Jersey....  I still am painting wall murals, but I also love to paint what I like to paint, which is mostly my big-eyed fairies.  So, when I am not being commisioned to paint a beautiful mural for a client, you can find me sitting in my "tiny" studio bringing to life my "charachters" that I truly enjoy creating!

Michelle Dugan
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"bringing IT to you the way THEY won't...It's art baby! art!"

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