Glenn Brady:
i just paint

Art by Glenn BradyI paint all the time these days... it seems to be the only thing that really gives me a lift... but then other days it can do the opposite, but that's just the way of it i guess..

Ive never had a lesson and was twice refused entry into Art College in the city that i was living in... but thats ok..

So now i just paint what i know... what ive seen, and what i would like to see... but i try to do it all with the outlook of a kid... nice and simple... theres little worlds within this world... people with mental illness's live in one... its here, but always just off to one side... when just walking to the shops can become a feat of strength... just getting up in the morning... just trying to "be" along with everybody else...

So i paint.. it helps give me a backbone... and at times when im in hospital its the reason for not departing this planet... art... i dont really know much about it... i use to beat myself up in the head thinking what would i paint if i never knew about painting... why would i paint at all?  why did people draw on walls all those years ago with nothing to gain from it?  maybe pride,maybe simple joy... i wonder about it alot and it keeps me just wanting to be simple and honest... cheers...

Art by Glenn Brady

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