Eric Meyer:
a constant evolution

Art of Eric MeyerMy art is in a state of constant evolution, no, that’s not right, a constant state of revolution. With me, everything changes and nothing is constant, expect the unexpected, and never get too comfortable. Inspiration for my work comes from all sources internal and external. With each new piece comes a new concept, a new message, and consequently, a new style. Single style artists get stagnant. I push to make each new painting unique to my body of work. My repertoire will hopefully be as diverse and colorful as my life has been.

When I took up painting again after a long sabbatical, I had no idea where it would take me. I started out doing an aesthetically pleasing, colorful body of work, known as the Swirl Series. Working in one style became stagnant very quickly and I broke new ground by taking chances. One of the most successful paintings of 2004, titled, “X” was done almost completely with rags and shredded cloth instead of conventional brushes. The most beautiful piece which everyone loves, titled, “Pouring” was done using a dried out house painting brush. My style and technique seemed to need radical change with each new piece depending on the concept. The painting, “Porno” required adhesive tape to define the squares while the painting, “Frustration” was done using a toilet brush.

One cannot take my work at face value; that is only half of the experience. With each piece comes thought, feeling, and purpose. For example, the painting, “Staring Contest” in 2005, is simply an extreme close up of a face. However, the idea with the piece is to engage the viewer in a staring contest that cannot be won. Even if failure is certain it is better to try than not.

Art of Eric MeyerAfter some turbulence in my romantic life, the use of color was sidelined in favor of the very expressive, virtually black and white, “Loved & Lost” in 2005. This painting shows how personal experience inspires me to create universal art that all people can appreciate.

During the weeks building up to and including my first one man art show in Taiwan, I was so busy and stressed that I did almost no painting. After the show was finished, I exploded with new energy in a new direction. In the first three weeks of 2006, I did nine new paintings. With these, the visual images are sharper, a wide range of style is covered, and the brush work is quite different.

“Small Man’s World” of 2006 represents my feeling of existing beneath my potential, something I think many people can relate to. “Gesundheit” is my jab at the failings of modern art. I try to view art the same way my audience views art. It doesn’t help society or culture to make art that people don’t understand and that is something I hope to remedy with this piece.

My whole life, I have been an artist. I care about building society and individual people through art. I hope to make art the world can relate to and moreover make the world a better place. I have big ambitions and much unrealized potential. Watch out world, I’m coming for you!

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