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The Art of Antoine de VilliersThe Inspiration

My earliest memories and interests have been of art and creation. For many years I spent hours exploring my thoughts in journals until I discovered that paint allows me the freedom to articulate my ideas and feelings more clearly than by pen and paper.

In my work I seek to complement the moments I encounter. I attempt breaking down life to its visual essentials - light, dark, balance, movement, tone - and in so doing, perhaps show another perspective. I enjoy capturing the essence of a moment, also "story" by diversity of color and pattern that the eye or camera is unable to see. If somebody, while looking at my artwork, get that special feeling of something personal, I'm satisfied.

I consider a painting complete when the emotion or feeling I am trying to express match the thoughts in my mind. Often this process leaves me naked and feeling exceptionally vulnerable.

I've never experienced 'artist block' on what to paint, only the dilemma of 'what to paint next', or 'how will I ever find the time to paint all the visions going through my head.'

The Art

Between matter and mind, matters of fact and ideas of reason, there is a whole other universe...a domain of reality that yields its secrets to an aesthetic sensibility...the aesthetic voice of Soul, the voice of dream and fantasy, mood and feeling, image and vision, symptom and symbol....

Art is subtle and elusive, rather than rigid and fixed; rhetorical and persuasive, rather than empirical and proven; metaphorical and figural, rather than methodical and literal


Often I don't feel the need to capture everything exactly as it exists in reality. Rather appreciate space and form from an imaginative, spiritual and non-realistic perspective while capturing the things that leave an impression on my heart and mind. To me abstraction and true representation are not so different, and that is why I paint not only objects, but also its spirit. This is perhaps the most personal, emotional and thought-provoking form of art.

The canvas is my playground of words and some of my writing is here, it is my art, it is what I have to offer.

Art by Antoine de Villiers

Antoine de Villiers
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