The Art Gallery:
a big lie

I occasionally visit some of the galleries we have linked here at our site and now I know I have lots of work to do.  We usually link galleries (private) to our site mostly through recommendations and requests.

I visited one of these galleries and I was appalled!!!  You won't find this one listed anymore on this site no phone number, no address and no website.  In my book it's not a gallery, just a storefront that wants to pass off as a gallery.

Here I am walking through this "gallery" checking out all the "art", what do I find, junk from a junk store owner (I know her) has passed off some of the things she would sell to me for mere dollars, selling at this so called gallery for hundreds of dollars!!!  I can live with that, art takes on many forms and I can't be one to judge art.  I stroll through a little longer and now am talking to the gallery owner and start a conversation about exhibiting at this gallery.  She hands me a form (Submission Guidelines) requesting a full page of slides depicting current work, sounds reasonable and I can live with that too.  Here's what really ticked me off,  I look directly behind this gallery owner and I spot several (6 or more) paintings with no frames, that is no frames nothing, I asked what the requirements are for paintings and frames, she reply's "...they must have at minimum a strip frame...", I point to a painting with a strip frame and say " this?" she says "..yes".  But next to this painting were several paintings with no frames nothing!!!

What a bunch of is a gallery owner who wants artists to submit work for "jury" selection, have a full page of slides, and paintings to be framed.  I can see it already...bottle of wine, sitting with the jury (junk store owner and friends), and judging art to be place in this gallery.  It's a laugh and the sad part she gets away with it.  I'm doing my part, that gallery is off my list.  If she'd lie to me she'd lie to everybody!!!

Stop the insanity.  Do your part, check out the galleries.  All we want as artists and art buyers is the truth and fair play...this gallery was neither truthful nor playing fair.  But she can proudly say I'm a gallery owner...;-)

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