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How did you come up with the name Gator? 
Well first off---I got the name Gator from a dog I used to have--short of course for Alligator cause he didn't take no guff. 

Are the Mini Horses just pets or do they compete or work around the "ranch"? 
About mini horses--I don't own one but just love em. They can be owned for pets or you can show them. They are shown for their conformation and they are also shown in harness as they pull mini wagons and carts. Also they compete in jumping classes. Visiting sick children and elderly people in nursing homes and such is another nice thing some owners do with their minis as they are so small and easy to handle. Not more than 34" at the withers, at the last hair of the mane. They are very affectionate as well. 

I know this might sound stupid, but what's the difference between ponies and minis? 
One of the most significant differences between a pony and a miniature horse is the size. Although the ponies do have the same great qualities and abilities, their larger size permits a rider to participate in many other events in the horse shows as well as pleasure events and trail riding. If I'm not mistaken I believe the height of the ponies is from 46" to 56" at the withers. 

Other than your site is there any other place to learn more about minis? 
A good place to learn a lot about minis is to visit the American Miniature Horse Association. Let me know if there's anything else and thanks. 

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