Andrew Barton:
bodily fluids

Bodily fluids, figurative, abstract, cannibalism, suicide, blood, and sperm, you name it. Barton`s work spans from traditional figurative to conceptual mixed media sculpture incorporating certain fluids."Its a game, a way of enticing, seducing and fooling your audience."

Representational art has always had this quality, above all other art The Art of Andrew Barton forms. Primitive man "believed" their cave paintings would bestow upon them a successful hunt, and modern man accepts the fact that a piece of modelled clay represents a person, and that a pissoir by Duchamp can be art.

Faced with this fact, the fact of us wanting and accepting the illusion of art. The artist has endless possibilities.

The Beatles said it in their song "A ticket to ride".

We need a visual or intellectual ticket. A fine tuned ticket. One that can overcome our natural defences against the bombardment of visual stimuli, and one to prompt the viewer to the courageous act of using his or her own imagination.

The Art of Andrew Barton Colour, shape, composition, scale, and motif are all the traditional crafts mastered by the artist, taught to, and then utilized to offer this visual "ticket" to the viewer of art.

You might like the colour RED. This could be your "cheap" ticket to dropping your visual guard and actually experiencing a work of art.

If someone told you I am famous. Will this make you look twice at my art?

Beautifully modelled sculptures, will this open your doors of perception?

The Art of Andrew Barton Does this help or hinder my final goal, the one of enticement? Are you offended, or ready for more?

Much like the fairy tale of Goldie Locks and the Three Little Bears: Some like their porridge hot, some cold and some in between.

Some like art with a lot of figurative information, some with almost none. Some like to be shocked and some want a work of art to match their couch.

And what do "I" the artist want?
The Art of Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton
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"bringing IT to you the way THEY won't...It's art baby! art!"

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