Albert Wilking:
art - archetypes of the human experience

Art by Albert Wilking, Rush HourI was born in Anaheim California in 1963. My father was a photographer, painter, and inventor. We camped all over the west coast, regularly visited Disneyland, Museums and Galleries. We lived in New Mexico and Texas and then moved to New Brunswick, NJ. Daytrips were common to Soho and to abandoned barns along the Delaware.

At the age of 7 I began sketching on a regular basis. My father taught me about composition and picking the best sketch out of a group. I had a number of shows and sold a couple dozen paintings by the time I was 12.

Albert Wilking, Endangered FrogMy images come from my imagination, exactly where, I don't know. I try to draw for about 2 hours a day. I do a stream of consciousness type drawing and then up comes a memory, an idea, and or an image and I find myself putting together a sort of collage of thoughts. I try to boil the images down to their most symbolic forms, a kind of alchemy. I want my art to be archetypes of the human experience.

1986 BS from the College of New Jersey.
2000 New School University, NYC
2001 Pratt Institute, NYC

2002 - I am pleased to announce that the Queens Museum in New York City has aquired United We Stand, Divided We Fall #3, through the Monique Goldstrom Gallery, Soho, NY.

Albert Wilking
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