Georgine Morelli:
southwest watercolors

The Art of Georgine Morelli Painting when I'm happy gives me pleasure, and painting when I'm sad gives me relief. Which feeling would I choose if I could pick only one? I honestly don't know at this moment, but I do know that both are very special gifts.

I've painted and sketched from an early age and always stayed within the lines of my coloring books. I still like to stay within the lines because it simply makes me feel good, it's ME. I'm a true Libran: logical, fair-minded, balanced and artistic. When put to an aptitude test, my brain shows up strongly left-hemispheric dominant, meaning I'm a very visual individual, as in "what I see is what I paint", and I'm organized, Southwest Art of Georgine Morelliprecise and focused on details. [I could have told them that!] My approach to life emphasizes the functional and pragmatic rather than the symbolic and abstract. However, there are always exceptions. I have an affinity for the "Ancient Ones" of the Southwest and all of the mysteries surrounding them, including their wonderful, intricate and "symbolic" designs on pottery, rock formations, etc. I love vibrant colors and I hate wishy-washy watery stuff. I'm a contradiction to what the "true" watercolorist is, or is supposed to be. ? Take me or leave me, It's my art, baby!

Georgine Morelli, Southwest Artist
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"bringing IT to you the way THEY won't...It's art baby! art!"

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