Catherine Gauthier-Campbell:

"We have the responsibility to put our gifts to work." Les Brown -

Wonder Mirrors by Catherine Gauthier-CAMPBELLSomehow in our society, so many times through poor parenting and poor schooling, we soon forget what our gifts are. We lose sight of our natural call and by the time we need to earn a living, many of us are lost and grab the first job available. How sad this is. Think of the possibilities if all of us were truly tapping into our greatness...

To me art is part of everyday life. A beautiful bowl to eat from, for instance, is so important to make one's day more beautiful. That is one thing I do miss from not living in Paris anymore - just being able to walk around and see beauty at every corner. A mural here, gargoyles there... But Nature is the ultimate piece of art, and I can enjoy this everyday now that I live in Southern California. That too is a very important component in making life richer.

I began to paint on mirrors a couple of years ago, and WonderMirrors Painted Mirros by Catherine Gauthier-Campbellwas born. It is so exciting to be on this path! But I feel this is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many many more paths to explore... I just hope I have the time. As time went by during the past 10 years, I finally came to realize that to be happy I just cannot ignore this creative side of myself. Having a "normal" job and going to an office every day to accomplish endless insignificant tasks is to me the perfect picture of hell! But you know how it is, the rent has to be paid... However turning 30 a few months ago, I finally made a commitment to myself to explore this side of my life thoroughly, as it is the only way I will find professional fulfillment. I trust that the universe will continue to provide for me.

The mirrors are a first venture in that direction. I love painting on mirrors because of the way the light reflects off of them. The end result takes on a new dimension and continuously changes as the light source changes. I also like the idea that they will adorn people's homes and make them smile when they contemplate their reflection in them.

Art Mirros by Catherine Gauthier-Campbell

Catherine Gauthier-Campbell
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