What Does FTP Do

FTP ('File Transfer Protocol') is a way to upload and download files on the Internet. When ever you are updating your webpages you would use either a text editor or an HTML editor to create the changes to your pages. When you are ready to transfer your changes to your server you will use an FTP to upload the pages.

Typically a site on the Internet stores a number of files (they could be application executables, graphics, or audio clips, for example), and runs an FTP server application that waits for transfer requests. To download a file to your own system, you run an FTP client application that connects to the FTP server, and request a file from a particular directory or folder. Files can be uploaded to the FTP server, if appropriate access is granted. FTP differentiates between text files (usually Ascii), and binary files (such as images and application executables), so care must be taken in specifying the appropriate type of transfer.

The Latest Software

I have found this on to be the easiest to use especially when you need to chmod CGI files.

WS-FTP is a useful client which helps you to download files.

FTP Explorer
Download or upload files to one or more servers while browsing and selecting files to transfer on another.

Leech FTP
A freeware multi-threaded FTP client for Windows. In addition to its FTP capabilities, LeechFTP can do HTTP file downloads. The Job Queue allows full control over downloads.

Stuffit Expander
If you don't have it already, this is a must-have for dealing with most files you'll retrieve. It will decompress/decode files that you get using any Internet application. Available for Windows, Mac and now even for Linux.

FTPEdit is a program designed to allow you to update your web pages from your local machine - without having to use FTP to transfer the files to and from your web server.

Homepage Upper
Updates your web pages without requiring you to worry.

Guides for FTP

Multimedia File Formats on the Internet
This is an excellent and extensive beginner's guide. It covers downloading files, concepts of various file formats, ways to use the files, and software. Although this guide is intended for DOS and Windows users, the general information and concepts are equally useful for Mac users.

Anonymous FTP FAQ
The Anonymous FTP FAQ and its companion list of FTP sites is maintained by Perry Rovers.

Using A Windows FTP Program
An easy lesson on using this shareware FTP program. Learn to download files via anonymous FTP, and connect to your home directory to upload an HTML file and a graphic.

Basic Commands
While there have been many extensions to the various FTP clients out there, there is a de facto "standard" set that everyone expects to work.

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