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This Volume:

1. Free Classifieds
2. More ways to Link


Free Classifieds:

Here's one we're considering, free "classifieds".  I checked out a few of these and found a couple which actually list "art" as a category.  Using these free classifieds will probably bring you 30 hits a month.  You can get more if you "buy" a permanent spot or go there each days or so and repost your add so it's near the top of the category.  In any event they're all free and it can't hurt to get a little more exposure.  You will probably get out of it what you put into it.  It takes some time and effort to post your free ads on a steady basis, but if you don't, you won't stay near the top of your category.

 <> AmericaMall



 <> National Internet Source

 <> World Wide Mall Classifieds

 <> Official Classified MarketPlace


More ways to Link:

More and more search engines are determining site ranking on "popularity".  With millions (maybe billions ;-p) of websites, it's the only way to sort out things in a fair manner.  Think about it, how many different "meta" keywords and phrases are out there.  We know it's not an infinite number, so how do you get a high search engine ranking if "only" 3000 sites in your category uses the same or similar keywords and phrases.  Now you can see why popularity is becoming a factor in search engine ranking.

How to raise your popularity index.  Establishing a links page for your site is a good start.  (our links page) Make sure you offer an easy way for your potential link partner to send you their information and then make sure you post the link and they reciprocate a link back to your site.  This means you should set up a page where they can copy and paste your link. (example page)  Make sure you go to some of the really big hitters (you know, commercial sites) in your category and trade links.  But, please do not make your links page so enormous, if you start getting alot of links, break your links down to 2 or 3 pages.  I've been to some sites where the links page is probably in excess of 500kb and trust me, I never wait for the page to completely load before I leave!  Or the links page is buried so deep in the site that it's almost impossible to find.  Try to be fair, quicker loading links pages that are somewhat easy to find work out the best.

Another way to increase links are through Webrings and "Lists" sites.  Now,h ere's a few new services that are free and will link you with similar sites.  At this writing (5/11/2000) we are trying out all 3 and will report back results.

Use a link-trading service.

A free link-trading service from Link-Box ( lets you control what sites you link to, what the link looks like and how many links you earn. Others to check out:

* Pop-Exchange, at
* LinkMe, at

Good Luck!!!