Ten Free Popular Java Scripts 
<> Auction Software - EveryAuction  

EveryAuction is packed full of features usually found only on larger auction sites. It also includes some special features that will make your site stand out from the crowd. Unlimited categories, unlimited items, a professional user interface, e-mail notification on auction closing, and maintenance-free design are just a few of the features included in the base distribution. 

>>>Cost: FREE  

 <> Discussion Board Software - Discus  


Discus includes features such as: each message within a conversation is stored on the same HTML page, extensive administrative tools allowing moderators to delete, move, edit, rename, and reorder existing subtopics and messages. Commercial add-on now available for $99, although the script is still available for free.  When rated by users at a leading site, 7357 users voted to give this software a 9.87 out of 10. 

>>>Cost: FREE (Non-commercial edition)  

 <> Interactive Story Software -  Interactive Story  

This is an interactive story, written by its readers. As people read the story, each page tells a part of the story. Each page ends with two choices for what to do next. Users click on one of the two links to read what happens next in the story. When people reach the end of the part that is already written, they can enter the next page of the story. You can configure it to send you e-mail when a new chapter is added. 

>>>Cost: FREE  

 <> Classified Ads - e-Classifieds  


The e-Classifieds Free Edition allows you to quickly set up your own classifieds section using easily configurable categories and other variables. All pages are generated dynamically using your settings, so there is no need to manually edit any HTML files.  
Users can post and delete their own ads. The admin can delete any ad posted by any user and can even delete entire categories at a time. 

>>>Cost: FREE 

 <> Slideshows - Slideviewer 


Free slideviewer offers Next, Previous, Start and End buttons, the choice of auto-refresh or manual advancing of slides and the ability to dynamically resize the images. 

>>>Cost: FREE  

 <> Form Processing - Nether-Mail  

Process forms and most send results through e-mail. An advanced form mailer which supports unlimited fields, logging of sent mail, security features, and is customizable by hidden fields. Which makes it perfect for multi-user use. Only edit  
four variables and it is ready to go. 

>>>Cost: FREE  

 <> Voting/Polls - vote.pl  

vote.pl saves the data of your voting's and displays the results graphically. After the user has submitted the vote, 'vote.pl' replaces the vote form in your web page with the results. Script is customizable to your liking, and includes IP checking, multiple polls and more. 

>>>Cost: FREE  

 <> Chat - JabberChat  

JabberChat is a free web-based chat program featuring millions of channels for public or private chat, actions, whispering/directing, colors, and lots more. Nice, easy interface with emphasis on having FUN while chatting with others. 

>>>Cost: FREE  

 <> Log File/Tracking - Nether-Log  


An easy to use statistics and logging program which requires no variables to edit. You can track unlimited sites, find out your visitor's IPs, where they are coming from, screen resolutions and languages, and you can even check and see what version of JavaScript they are using. This program even has features for advanced users like: allowing anyone to access the script and how many referrers to display. All results are organized by day, and hour. Does not access your server logs.  

>>>Cost: FREE  

 <> Random Image Displayer - RandomPicker  

RandomPicker randomly displays images, texts and their links. Use it for your advertisement banners or just as a random quotation feature on your web pages. In an own area you may add as many links, texts and images as you wish. 

>>>Cost: FREE