The Wonderful World of Free Hosted Services: 
Need a mesage board, chat room, email forms, surveys, guestbook, url redirections, or any of those wonderful things that make websites more interactive and fun? You can either write the java scripts, applets or CGI yourself or you can get them remotely hosted.    

Remotely hosted?  If your reading this section you probably have a good idea of what that means.  If not, here's my take on it, it's like hiring a cab company to shuttle your employees back and forth from work A to work B, as they ride in the cab they are sometimes shown ads or taken to special places and shown ads, in return the cab company let's you use thier cabs free of charge in return for the advertisement your employees are exposed to, make sense? Yeah, read on...  

Not all remotely hosted scripts are created equal. I have found you will not just use one HOST (cab co.) but will probably use several.  For instance, when one hosting company has a super script for email froms, it fails on message board and guestbooks. I have not found or I should say I have had to use 3-4 hosted scripts on this website.    

Completely ad free hosted scripts are out there...but when you find them they tend to need a little more input than most.  If you can do a little html you're home free with a great service.  If not, there are great services with a minimal amount of ads that are tastefully done.  

Anyway you cut it, free is the best price you can do as far as I know. Also keep in mind that this is just a small small cross section of what's available. If you run across anything great for our websites drop me a note... 

--Thanks has the very, very, very best email forms, mailers, mailing list, and surveys.  On these scripts, banner ads are minimal and tastefully done.  But beware, these need alot of user input to customize them to your liking. It's a free service!! 
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Here's what you can do 
when you get the
hang of it. has no competitors when it comes to a hosted service for e-mail can use up to 10 images for your cards and mypostcards provides a few sound files to boot. It's almost completely ad free!!  
See One in Action
How'd the do that?  You've seen the email button above, when you hit it it already has "subject" filled's the simple link " 
subject=webstuff", play around you'll figure it out. 

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