Spruce Up Your Site With Java:
The cool ticker above is fully functioning and "fairly" easy to configure for your sites needs.  It's a redirection script, it can scroll as many messages and urls as you want but I think six may be the max I would use. Variables you can adjust include number of urls (includes being able to input an email address) and time of rotation between urls.  More experienced webmasters can change the colors and size. 

Get this script at the JAVA file (on the bar above).  This is only one of many available.  They have hundreds other scripts and applets and they're completely free.  Other cool stuff includes image faders (see one in action), banner rotations, status bar scripts, and much much more. (like the  email button below) 

I consider www.javafile.com one of the best free sites on the internet.  But beware, none of these scripts are as simple as "copy and paste".  Every single one needs to be customized!!  Some are very simple to configure to your needs, while others seem to be filled with flaws that can't be overcome.  But even with these shortcomings, it is worth a visit, and I guarantee you'll keep going back.