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If you've already got a website up and running, try submitting it to search engines regularly. Once a month is great if you have constant changes to your content.  Most search engines will "spider" your site within a week, but some of the major search engines take up to 4 weeks.  Unless you like alot of email, I suggest not submitting your site to so called "FREE FOR ALL LINKS or FFA", I've found these are followed up with mass amounts of email advertising. Though some of the mail is useful, most are j-mail!! 
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I think this is one of the best things out in the internet.  It is especially useful for those of you that have personal pages with crazy long web addresses.  If your a site owner you can see the possiblities and they do offer other services.  You have to check out the site and try it for yourself, it's worth it!!

Here's a great free service for your website, Netwhistle. It keeps and eye out for your site and sends you an email if it's ever off line. Plus it tells you why, from "Time Outs" to "DNS Lookup Failures". We track 4 of our most popular pages with Netwhistle!!!