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to a Better Site:
Welcome to our section for webmasters, or I should say webnewbies!!!  This site entirely developed over the last 9 months by someone who did not know a thing about html, cgi, java or anything about web page stuff.  I initially hired someone to put this site together (a supposed pro), but that someone could not do it for a few weeks. So I paid him $30 to tell me how to upload a page to my server and the rest is history!

This site went from 2-3 pages to over 200 pages, 25 mb and growing.  It's gone from 200 hits a month to fast approaching the high 4 figures and hope to exceed 10,000 monthly page views by spring 2000.

How...some long nights, content planning and I believe good luck.  You have to remember this took nearly 5 months to "kick in".  I have found as the site grew in size so did the number of hits and search engine results.  I believe that size does matter in this case, only because as your site grows so does the number of potential keywords, descriptions, titles, and believe it or not, misspellings.  Here's a good example of a word I misspelled "millenium", spelled wrong right, but do you realize how many people spell it like that?  In the month of December there were thousands!  I never changed the spelling but did add the correct word, millennium, to my keywords.  Now I hope to get the best of both worlds.  You really do not need software to punch out keywords, you just have to play it smart.  Remember, it is more than just "meta" keywords but every word, phrase, description on your site, in other words "content is king".

Another big factor influencing your site's ranking with search engines are links.  If you link with other sites make sure they reciprocate with a link back to you.  Some search engines today base ranking on popularity, ie. how many other sites link with yours.  It does pay to have a links page.  (Starting with webrings are pretty good.)  In this way we are all "riding on each others coattails".

When you submit to some search engines do not forget to pick the correct "directory" you want your site listed in.  I have found when submitting most search engines now have directories, so think about it first, go to the directory you want and check out the competition.  Look at the web pages, keywords, descriptions, etc and compare it your site.

That's about all for now and thanks for listening.  If you've got a web story, ideas, or resources you'd like to share just drop me a note.

May 2000 Update: We went over the 10,000 page views mark in February but now have leveled off in the 8000-8500 range.  Unique visitors are way up but average pages viewed are slightly down.  I attribute this by the large amount of hits the site is getting directly from search engines.  Visitors coming by way of search engines just aren't getting hooked so we're going back to the drawing board, re-evaluate content and resubmit the site over and over.  From reports on our counter ( we have found that hits are coming from everywhere, from people searching for art to mini horses to counters.

Also, this webnewbie has started coding each page longhand.  There is a noticeable difference in appearance, pages coded by hand seem to be much "tighter" than pages done on WYSIWYG Html Editors.  Most of the time I start a page on a WYSIWYG editor and go back, clean up the loose ends and code. I use "Netscape Composer" to start with and finish up with "Ms Notepad", so far so good.