Here's a short script for a "pop up" window.  All it really is a new browser window that contains your specified page.  The good thing is you can have it open to a particular size and remain that size the entire time.  It also will allow your visitor to simply close that window and return to main area...less confusion.  I don't really like "pop up" windows because you find them mainly used for ads and on the internet who wants to be forced to see ads, ads, ads!  But after discovering this cool little script, this script can be used for the latest news, monthly newsletter or special features we are having on this web site.  This pop up will take you to my latest news...please check it out.

Click Here to Try It Out

This goes in the <head></head> section:

<!-- Start script goes in head tag-->
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- hide from JavaScript-challenged browsers
function openWindow(url) { popupWin =,'remote','menubar=no,toolbar=no,location=no,
400,left=50,top=50')} // done hiding --></script><!-- End
script, goes in Head tag -->

Then where you wish to have a window open you place this, it's your link:

<a href="javascript:openWindow('your new window.html');">Click
to Open new window</a>

Or for a picture link you would do something like this;

<a href="javascript:openWindow('your new window.html');">
<imgsrc="your image.jpg" border="0"></a>

You can change the size of the window you open by changing its attributes in the code above where it specifies width and height. You can also place your window where you want on the screen by playing around with the left, right, bottom, or top controls. This will help you keep your main page from being totally covered up by letting you place the new window in a corner.

You can even decide if you want to have a scrollbar, toolbar, or menu bar. A lot of designers are opting for none of the above in order to produce a cleaner window, focusing only on the larger image or message they wish to highlight with the new window.

Other examples of pop-up windows being used are newsletter subscriptions or contest forms. When a viewer clicks on the link they are greeted with a new window, thereby letting them enter their information without losing the page they were on. The page you use for the pop-up window can be any other Web page, just make sure whatever you place on it will fit the new dimensions you choose for it. If it contains a form, check it to make sure the submit button is viewable and clickable.

One mistake is making the window too small and without scrollbars; you can't get to the information you need. If a picture is 400pixels x 400pixels it's good to leave some extra space, say 50pixels on each side to account for browser offset.

You also may want to leave the resizable command in the JavaScript options above set on "yes" so that viewers can make it larger if they have that need.

Try creating purposeful pop-ups that please your viewers and you'll have them visiting your site again and again.

Good Luck