The Terrible Orioles:
davey johnson come home

These 1999 Orioles stink.  The 1998 Orioles stunk.  You ever wonder what the heck happened after the '97 season.  How could the O's go from Division Champs to cellar dwellers. In '96 and '97 the O's played in the ALCS, yes they lost but they played.  What we have today is basically the same team (as '96 and '97) with a loser for a manager.  Last season, '98, according to Ray Miller it was those darn injuries that decimated the pitching staff.  This year Ray Miller just blames the pitching staff. As most diehard O's fans will admit, our hero, manager of the year, Davey Johnson would never lead a team this way.  Davey Johnson found ways to win ball games.  Ray, if your listening, it's called strategy and leadership but mostly leading a team in the right direction. Ray Miller has never had a winning season while manager of a team.

Today, instead of Palmiero on the team, we have Albert Belle.  Give me a break, Belle played for the Cleveland Indians, the Indians made it to the World Series after Albert Belle was traded to the White Sox.  The White Sox made the playoffs before Belle arrived and they had Frank Thomas, one of the best hitters in baseball before Belle. After Belle's arrival, Frank Thomas goes into a year long slump and the White Sox finish with one of their worst records. So what do the O's do, lose Palmiero, lose Eric Davis, lose Alan Mills and get Belle.  Albert Belle is not a winner.

Oh the O's, we're not going anywhere this season...let's all hope for the Ravens and Redskins to have an early summer camp.  NBA playoffs are coming up, after that the WNBA, the O's are just that bad, from owner to manager.

From a faithful O's fan since the heartbreak of the 70's Series

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