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You can always see more of the Studio HERE

:: Need a Place to hang your art?  If you have 2 days a month to sit at the Studio, I might have room for you and your thing.  Studio is located in Baltimore, on the Avenue in Hampden, hours to fill are 4:00 - 7:00PM +/- Fridays and 12:00 - 4:00PM +/- Sundays and 11:00 - 5:00PM +/- Saturdays.  Stop by on Saturdays or drop me a note if interested at ::

July 2006 - Show tentatively scheduled Sharon Benton and Eve Hoyt... more later


June 2006 - TBA The Studio is planning to particpate in the Hon Festival


May 2006 - TBA The Studio is planning to participate in the Sowebo Arts Festival (we need help! if you'd like to participate send me a message at - everything is paid, we have tent and walls)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Art Underground Studio

Show #3 - the fifth of may  Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Art Under Ground Studio on Friday May 5, 2006.  Buy, Sell or Trade T-Shirts, all original art no iron ONs! plus more... for those history buffs learn more about Cinco de Mayo

    Friday May 5, 2006 @ 5:00PM
    Food and Drink
    Art Under Ground Studio
    826 West 36th Street
    (side entrance or through the Pearl Gallery)
    Baltimore, MD 21211
    410-916-7273 or 215-896-7631


Tony JulianoApril 2006 - Reception and Party on Friday April 7. Show #2 - Artsy Fartsy Featuring the Satirical Art of Tony "baloney" Juliano from New Haven, Connecticut. 

Award winning satirist artist, Tony "Baloney" Juliano is not your normal painter. With his wacky, single, panel, lush comic like paintings dealing with quick puns, whimsical sayings, ironic sadness, and his penchant for parodying other famous artists, Tony makes art laughable in colorful complimentary painted frames.  Tony is a graduate from Paier College of Art with a BFA in Illustration and has been a successful free-lance artist since 1997 to the present.

Tony's resume includes commissioned murals, comics, illustrations, photography, art lessons, tattoo designs, and album covers.

Tony also sells his artwork as magnets, matted prints, and his new comic book, Funky Garbage at a variety of art festivals, comic cons, on-line, galleries, and stores from California to Rhode Island.

Tony has had shows all over the US and the UK such as York Square Gallery, John Slade Ely House, La Viande, The Art Coalition, CB?Ts 313 Gallery, MoCCA, DeCordova Museum, Hygienic Art Gallery, Artescape Studios, Artists Space, Limner Gallery, The Walker and plenty more.


March 2006 - We'll be open 10:00 AM till LATE on Saturday March 25th, stop by for food and drink.  And if you're up for it, bring your painting clothes, we can use the help painting walls and ceilings!

Michael WiggsArt Opening and Reception - #1 - It's a Group Thing is now scheduled for Friday March 10 for no earlier than 4:00PM to last no later then 12:00 Midnight  Great Art and Reception, for all that stopped by a big thanks!  Our surprise guest was Baltimore artist Michael Wiggs, that's his painting to the left, "Oral Majority"

The Studio is located right under the Pearl Gallery on the Avenue in Hampden
Alley Side Entrance
826 W 36th St
Baltimore, Maryland
410-916-7273 or 215-896-7631

Food and Drink
Friday March 10, 2006
Come anytime after 3:30PM
Stay as late as you like, sleepover, bring UR own Bedding...


  • It's another Friday Night, and yes, you have nothing to do
  • It's another Friday Night, and every member of your 'posse' has a date except you, Pat and Kelly
  • It's another Friday Night, and nobody's left in the office
  • It's another Friday Night, and you're on the phone with Mom and she's got to cut you off short 'cause she's got to get ready to go out
  • It's another Friday Night, and the regulars at your favorite watering hole have a drink ready for you as you walk in
  • It's another Friday Night, and you're tired of talking to yourself in the mirror and your cat is nowhere to be seen
  • It's another Friday Night, and you attend, you meet the artists and afterwards, realize you felt right at home in sweat pants
  • It's another Friday Night, and you attend, you meet the artists and afterwards, you feel really great about your life
  • It's another Friday Night, and you attend, you meet the artists and afterwards, thank God your college degree is paying off
  • It's another Friday Night, and you attend, you meet the artists and afterwards, realize you were the only one that could answer the question, 'what do you do for a living', in 2 or less sentences


February 2006 - the Studio will be open every Saturday in February from 11:00 to 5:00, if you see lights on or people in the Studio just come in though. The Studio is also tentatively planning a group show for Friday February 24 called #1 - It's a Group Thing, with Reception and Party starting at 6:00PM till lights out... more on this later.   Particpants include but NOT limited to Rick Santiago, Dave Kendall, Paul Mintz, Nhoj Yesdnil, Adrienne Mills (DC) and a surprise guest or 2... We're still tweaking the place here and there.  Vastly improved than in November but not quite were we want the place to be.


January 2006 - the Studio will be open January 21 and 28, from 10:00AM till whenever we leave.  Guest artist Adrienne Mills will have more than a handful of framed and unframed pieces on display.  Also showing are Baltimore artists Paul Mintz and David 'I have one' Kendall, along with Seattle artist Nhoj Yesdnil,with yours truly the Unartist with a few things here and there.  See more of the studio HERE


December 2005 - The 'GRAND OPENING' will be Friday November 25 - 26 - 27. The Studio is located right under the Pearl Gallery on the Avenue in Hampden. The address is 826 W 36th St - you can call 410-916-7273 or 215-896-7631 for questions or appointments.

the Artguy is planning to be at the studio Friday as early as 10:00 AM and on Sunday.  David Kendall should be there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you can't get in go upstairs to the Pearl Gallery and ask to be let in.

Art work by the Artguy, David Kendall, N'hoj Yesdnil and a few pieces by Diana Riukas will be at the Studio.  The plan is to show case more art from featured artist at ARTBABYART.COM, including some Neon Art, photography and 3D floor pieces.

The Studio will be open December 23rd and 24th, please stop by!  The Studio is thinking of having its "1st Annual Celebration before the New Years Party" party... it would be held on December 30th after hours starting at 8:00PM, more on this thought later...

Please contact us for Comments or Questions...

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