Sex Abuse of Minors:
by catholic priests

After hearing from victims of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua had this to say,

"They truly expressed a deep, deep pain. It helped me a great deal, I had read much about these victims and I had to be honest with them and tell them I am trying in everyway to feel their pain and to listen to them and try to help them in every way possible. I assured them that our priority now is the victims first, and to prevent it as much as we can in the future."

You have to wonder what Bishop Bevilacqua's priorities were before hearing from the victims, before reading about the victims, did he believe anything he was reading in the papers or magazines, seeing on television or hearing on the radio and has he been listening to the parishioners.  Maybe Bishop Bevilacqua did not think sexual abuse of minors by a priest was that grievous, after all, Bevilacqua is not for the "one strike and you're out" policy, he is a strong proponent of "first time - rehab - back in the saddle" policy.  This Bishop needs to understand a crime 30 years ago is also a crime today, and like other heinous crimes must be solved and justice done.

You would think that the Church would be more understanding, for members are expected to go to the church for spiritual guidance, for marriage counseling, for education, and for family problems.  Catholics are expected to heed the Church's advice on marriage, children, education and religion, but yet on this sexual abuse issue they are deaf, dumb and blind!!!

Growing up a Catholic, as a young person I remember being a very proud altar boy, admiring the priests I met along the way, I remember the reverence you had for the priests, the blessings you always asked for and received, and the belief the priests were so much better than us, but today I can no longer be that person

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