Hungry and Homeless:
in the UK

This truly is an unbelievable use of the internet, it's both creative and depressing.  Whether the following is true or not, let's at least bring attention to some of the homeless if not hapless in each of our societies.  I don't know if Steve is using the internet for his own good or the good of all the homeless but credit is given for taking such a unique approach.  In the US, most of the homeless do have shelters to sleep at, and during the day some of the homeless are out trying to 'pan handle' for a little change or food.  However, I have seen panhandlers in $200 leather boots and dressed quite nicely, so it's hard for all of us to understand the plight of the homeless.  A majority of the homeless (USA) have led troubled lives and often suffer from some sort of social anxieties and rarely can fully reintegrate themselves into society.  I've been following this site for a few months and it has gotten more developed, good luck to Steve and all those out there.

Hungry and Homeless in the UKFrom STEVE - The main aim of my project was to change peoples preconceived ideas of homeless people.  This was achieved by the performance of begging using a lap top pc.  The web site was created afterwards to document the performance and at the same time show the project to a wider audience.

After only a short time on line I was offered somewhere to stay and a job.

I am now looking at developing the site further to help others who are in the position I was in just a few months ago.

ars est celare artem are in desperate need of publicity, exposure and help in any shape or form to realise their dream of giving internet access and training to those who need it most.

When alone on the street all means of contact are lost.  By establishing a means of communication we hope to give others the chance to network and help themselves as I have.  We are also planning to post pictures on the site of missing people who are believed to be sleeping rough.  We can act as an anonymous point of contact between the person and friends and family.  As the site will be mainly used by people on the street the chances of finding the person are dramatically increased.

We have a strong team of contacts and a wealth of ideas and schemes we would like to put into practice.

The point of the web is it makes life easier.

Yours sincerely,

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