The Spirit of Family:
al and tipper gore

Al and Tipper Gore, THE SPIRIT OF FAMILYPublicist Karli Goldman works for FSB Associates, a leading internet book marketing company.  Her current projects include Al and Tipper Gore's new photo book, THE SPIRIT OF FAMILY (Henry Holt; 0805068945; November 2002; hardcover: $35.00), a museum-caliber collection of photographs that highlights Tipper's passion for photography and the Gores' commitment to family. In this collection of more than 250 extraordinary photographs, Al and Tipper Gore visually explore the central relationships that define us and bind us together. The images presented here show the emotional richness of American families, their remarkable diversity, and the many ways in which they are discovering a new strength and spirit.

The American family has drastically changed in the last two generations and this is the first book of photographs to illustrate this profound shift. With these dynamic and intimate black-and-white and color photographs, the Gores illustrate the myriad experiences of the American family. Selected from more than 15,000 images, the photographs in The Spirit of Family present an inspiring, wide-ranging body of work. Collected here are the images of such renowned art photographers as Tina Barney, Mitch Epstein, Lee Friedlander, Sally Mann, Mary Ellen Mark, and Nicholas Nixon; the work of National Geographic photojournalists William Albert Allard, Jodi Cobb, and David Alan Harvey.

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